Taj Mahal India Tours

An epitome of the love, and architectural prowess of the craftsmen of that era, the Taj Mahal is truly a monument fit to be placed among the wonders of the world. While Agra and a trip to the Taj Mahal might be something new for many, the Taj Mahal tours are there to assist you. From covering the most important parts of the Taj Mahal, to even the most irrelevant corners of the same, all of it has been included in the Taj Mahal tours.

The most hectic part about a trip is planning it all out, and for a place as beautiful as the Taj Mahal, who knows if there might be the next time or not, so make sure to not skip out on anything in this trip of a lifetime. And, to make sure that doesn’t happen, the Taj Mahal tours, or the Taj Mahal tour packages are a big game-changer.

Filtering out what needs to be done, and what not to be done, while also offering deep, and important insights about the Taj Mahal itself, the tour packages to the Taj Mahal are really helpful in learning about the place. Exploring the same place with a guide makes all the difference, and on this beautiful Taj Mahal trip, the history linked to it is everything, therefore highlighting why these tour packages to the Taj Mahal are as important as they are quoted to be. From a spoon-fed experience to a complete overall experience, the Taj Mahal tours have got it all covered.

Best Time to visit the Taj Mahal 

While the Taj Mahal is open to tourists all year long, it is preferable to select the time to visit the Taj Mahal, when the weather is the best around here for plenty of reasons. If the weather is too cold, or foggy, the beauty of the Taj Mahal will get shrouded by the same. Therefore, the best time to visit the Taj Mahal would be around the early summer season. The summer season goes on from March to June, hence the month of March in the Taj Mahal is rather warm, and just about the perfect time to start visiting.

How to reach the Taj Mahal 

The Taj Mahal is a rather famous tourist destination, offering plenty of routes, and transportation to get there. While there might not be any direct flights to the Taj Mahal itself, the nearest airport is 7km from the city center. So, for those planning to fly to the Taj Mahal, that is as close as they can get, the rest of the distance will be left for road travel.

The rail network of the city is rather efficient, connecting it to various parts of the country, so no matter which city you are traveling from, it is easy to travel via train, as the nearest station is merely 3km from the main monument.

No matter how efficient air travel or rail travel might seem, the road network of Agra strengthens the idea of road travel. Not only is it convenient, but also offers you complete control over the trip, as you get dropped off right at your destination.

Best places to visit Apart from the Taj Mahal

While the Taj Mahal is the most prized tourist destination in Agra, pulling in larger and larger crowds each year, all those people coming to Agra, don’t just come for the Taj Mahal alone. There are plenty of other places to visit in Agra apart from the Taj Mahal, and they are all an important part of the Taj Mahal tour packages as well. Taj Mahal as the people know it has got plenty of attractions close by as well, so adding to your Taj Mahal itinerary, it would be in the best interest if all these places are added as a part of the infamous Taj Mahal tour. Lining up some of the best places to visit in Taj mahal, and around it, a list has been offered below on the same.

Agra Fort- The Agra Fort also goes by the name of Lal Qila, and is a rather famous tourist destination in Agra. The Agra Fort has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site and falls approximately 2.5 km away from the Taj Mahal.

Fatehpur Sikri- Yet another beautiful tourist site in Agra carved out of red sandstone. Built by the famous Mughal emperor, Jalal-ud-din Mohammad Akbar himself, the monument is a rather important structure of the nation’s historical past. Falling around 27km away from the Taj Mahal, it is still a great place to check out.

Akbar’s Tomb- Another monument made out of red sandstone, the tomb work was started by Akbar himself, but it was his son Jahangir who later completed it. The tomb was carved with beautiful calligraphy that promoted a mix of Islamic, and Indian religions draped up with some other religions as well. The garden around here is also a popular tourist attraction.

Jama Masjid- One of the largest mosques to exist to date, and long-standing since the Mughal period, Jama Masjid is indeed an architectural marvel. Constructed in 1648 AD, this gem of a place has beautifully held through the ruins of time, offering an insight into Indian history, and culture. The monument took 5000 workers, and 6 years to be completed.

Mehtab Bagh- Falling plain opposite the Taj Mahal, Mehtab Bagh is built alongside the banks of River Yamuna. Built by Babur himself, the park is precisely aligned with the Taj Mahal, and measures 300*300 sq. meters in area. The place is a rather beautiful tourist site.

Food near Taj Mahal 

While food is the best thing to try, no matter how new or distinguished the location is, there is some limit to where, and how you can find good food. In the same way, you can find some of the best-tasting dishes near the Taj Mahal, but not inside the main building at all. The food at the Taj Mahal could only include the items that are packaged, and portable, like a quick snack from the cafeteria, or something similar to that. But, for a full-fledged, fine dining experience, there are plenty of eateries nearby the Taj Mahal where you can try the same.

Pick a hotel for something classy, and a rather flashy eating experience, or a street food kind of outlet for the local, and regional taste to it. In case you are out hunting for regional flavors, a desi dhaba or a roadside eatery would be the best place to go. Some of the lists of the places with the best food options near the Taj Mahal have been listed below:

Esphahan- Set up in one of the finest hotel chains, Oberoi Amar Vilas, the restaurant has got an elegant vibe attached to it. The fine dining experience is completely complemented by the aesthetic vibe of this place.

Peshawari- A little touch of traditional flavor to your dishes, especially for non-vegetarians. Then, Peshawari is just the place for you. A common name among the best restaurants in Agra, it is a rather great pick for having food at the Taj Mahal.

Sky Deck- A crystal clear view of the Taj Mahal while you enjoy your food couldn’t get any better, but if there is one thing that can add to the joy of that, it’s the food at Sky Deck. As you enjoy the delicious food prepared here, the iconic Taj Mahal coming into the frame intensifies the entire experience.

Shopping near Taj Mahal 

Shopping is indeed the best part of a trip, new places, new cultures, and plenty of different items to shop for. Visiting one of the best places all over in India, the renowned wonders of the world, and not shopping for a souvenir doesn’t sound like a smart idea. Therefore if you are coming to Agra, Taj Mahal shopping is a must. The idea of shopping isn’t limited by the items here, since the list, and the variety of items to be found near the Taj Mahal are long. You can shop for souvenirs, gift items, handcrafts, sweets, and so much more.

With the idea of shopping in mind, it is important to find the best spots for shopping in the Taj Mahal or from places around it. There are plenty of souvenir stores close by to the main attraction, so shop for tees, keychains, and plenty of other stuff that marks your memorable trip to the Taj Mahal. For those who carry a keen interest in handcrafted items, there is a market for that too around the Taj Mahal itself. Plenty of vendors have set up shops selling various handcrafted goods including goods made out of bamboo, rugs, bedsheets, and so much more.

The marble shops here are a great piece of art. While the whole building of the Taj Mahal was made out of marble, the reputation and the skillset of the artisans dealing in these marble items are exemplified by the diverse set of things they have put on sale.

Last, but not least, there is a great market for leather items in Agra, and some great shops selling the same goods can be found close to the Taj Mahal indeed, selling some of the best items in the city.

Things to Do near Taj Mahal 

While exploring the Taj Mahal is in itself a greatly entertaining activity, some people might want a little more than that, a great deal more entertainment, a tad bit of excitement, and whatnot. But, worry not, the Taj Mahal is surrounded by places for you to enjoy plenty of other stuff. While there might not be any adventure activities in the Taj Mahal except learning about the history, and culture, the light and sound show at night is a massive crowd puller. 

As far as the Taj Mahal adventure places are concerned, the tombs are rather fascinating, but even more entertaining are the culinary experiences you can gather here. So, if you ever wondered about how some of the best Indian dishes are prepped, don’t skip out on this one. 

For fitness enthusiasts, there is something special, the yoga sessions that take place offer a crystal clear view of the Taj Mahal in the frame. Imagine doing your morning yoga, but this time with a view of the Taj right in front of you, doesn’t that sound exciting?

Last but not the least, shopping is the best activity to call a day, and that is precisely what you can do at the famous Kinari Bazaar as you shop for locally made goods, and plenty of other souvenirs to take back home.

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FAQs About Tours & Other Topics

Taj Mahal is a world-famous tourist spot, counted as one of the very first seven wonders of the world coming from India itself. Taj Mahal has also earned the tag of UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The season of early summer falling around March to June is the best time to explore the Taj Mahal, and in case you want to avoid long queues, plan your trip in the morning.

One can get to the Taj Mahal via any means of road transport, and getting an entry ticket, the trip to the Taj Mahal can officially start.

Some of the best dishes in Agra can be found close to the Taj Mahal itself, and the list of these items includes petha, Mughlai chicken, paratha, and a lot more items from the list.

Taj Mahal is a peak tourist spot in India, so you are bound to find people fluent in English, and Hindi as it is the best language to interact with the tourists around here.

A trip to the Taj Mahal only costs a couple of hours, 2-3 would be sufficient to move around and explore all parts of the Taj Mahal.

January is reportedly the coldest month at the Taj, with the temperature scale oscillating around the 26-degree mark.

Taking the travel costs to get to the Taj Mahal, the entry fee is the major cost to take into consideration. For an Indian national, the cost is INR 45, but for a foreign national, the ticket price is around INR 1050.

Taj Mahal is safe for all kinds of travelers, including solo female travelers. There is a lot of security, and the entire place is under surveillance at all times.

You can shop for beautiful souvenirs around the Taj Mahal, and some of the finest tasting sweets as well.

Taj Mahotsav is one such festival, keenly, and eagerly celebrated in the Taj itself. The festival goes on from 18 February to 27 February.

Taj Mahal is at a distance of approximately 20 km from Delhi, making it an hour-long drive to get there.

The best, and most convenient way to get to the Taj Mahal is to take a bus or cab from Delhi airport, or railway station and get there. In case you prefer the train, you can take one to Agra city, and from the station, take a cab to get to the Taj Mahal.

Jama Masjid, Guru ka Tal, and Mankameshwar temple are some of the places of worship you can find around the Taj Mahal.

You can explore the old bazaar nearby, and not just that, you can even enjoy the night show at Taj. For fitness enthusiasts, there is also a yoga session in the morning close to the Taj Mahal.

Pack up on some water, and sunscreen while you are exploring the Taj as it may get hot. Also, pack up your sunglasses to avoid the burning sun.