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Rajasthan Tours - Charm of Royalty and Heritage

Famous for regal lifestyle and royal aura, Rajasthan has made a special place in India tourism. Evident to its name, the place is filled with various forts palaces and other amazing architectural wonders.

Rajasthan is listed among the major tourist destinations in India where people from around the world flocks in thousands and lakhs of numbers. The Largest State of Indian Territory was inhabited by some of the greatest Rajput rulers who have filled this place with many architectural wonders. Some of them are now listed as heritage sites also. Indeed all such sites are covered in various Rajasthan holiday packages available on the site.

During your trip to Rajasthan, you will be amazed by the state’s vibrant culture and impeccable hospitality. The popular folk music Padharo Mahre Des (Welcome to my land) and the traditional dance on it really lures every tourist to visit this state again and again.

It is not only the Cultural or Traditional richness for which Rajasthan is famous; the land is also packed with rich wildlife and shimmering golden sand dunes. There are various national parks and sanctuaries where you can enjoy amazing species of animals and birds. Jungle safari into the woods and camel safari in the wide-stretched dessert will make your Rajasthan tours unforgettable.

The fairs and festivals of Rajasthan are the mirrors of its lively and vibrant culture. Each and every festival is associated with mystic beliefs and tales. The scrumptious food of Rajasthan leaves all the travelers wanting more. The beautiful handicrafts, fabric, ethnic jewelry, jutis (traditional footwear), carpets and other such stuff are highlights of the bazaars here.

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