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India, the land of rishis and sages which has given this country with such methods of treatment and therapies that is still unknown to many countries around the world. Due to its knowledge and wisdom India has gained its own place in Medical Tourism.

In the recent years, India is visited by travellers from across the globe to get treated with some finest treatment procedure. Right start from the ancient time till today, the Ayurvedic treatment of India has been a reason of fascination for many travellers to visit India under the Medical Tour Packages.

Even the Indian mythology has given a huge importance to Ayurvedic treatment; the reference can be seen in Ramayan when Hanuman brought SanjeevaniBooti for Laxman, which has given him a new life.

In the recent year the Medical Tours has increased the number of medical travellers in India who visited this country for Dental care, Heart Surgeries, Coronary Bypass, Heat Check Up and Cosmetic Surgery. Did you know? The father of Cosmetic Surgery is not any foreigners but a sage from India named "Sushrut" after whom Sushrut Samhita was named.

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