Kerala Tour Packages


Kerala, popularly known as 'God's Own Country ' is one of the most spectacular places in South India. Kerala derived it names from Kera which mean Coconut trees. So the land of coconuts is Kerala. Listed as the 13th largest city of India in term of population, Kerala is filled with natural abundance and what enhances its beauty is location amidst the magnificent Arabian Sea and the Western Ghats on Malabar Coast.

With its thrilling elephant rides along with laid back shimmering beaches and cozy houseboat in the backwaters will tell you why National Geographic Travellers declared Kerala as one of its 10 Paradise Found which will fill your Kerala Tour Packages with unforgettable memories.

Being one of the major tourist destinations Kerala is a delight for all nature lovers. The plush green landscapes, glittering beaches and the backwater will offer you every reason to visit Kerala often.

With a literacy rate of 100%, Kerala shows gestures of warm hospitality which makes the Holiday packages of Kerala more welcoming and easy. What adds value to your tours is that, travellers can spend sometime cruising in the tranquil backwaters on a traditional houseboat.

Services by Heritage India Holidays ensures you an unforgettable experience through which you would be able to visit some of the exotic Ayurvedic and Spa centers while watching the scenic panoramic views of tropical greenery. Plan your Kerala Tours and experience the uniqueness of the state through its unique dance forms, music, festivals like Onam and regional delicacies which will offer you safe, easy and unforgettable Trip to Kerala.