Cooking Classes In India


There’s an old saying, Way to men’s heart goes through his stomach, but it is not only about men, everyone loves good food with mouth-watering delicacies. When it comes to India, the country of plush diversities, you have a huge plethora of delicacies’ list that will fill your holidays with scrumptious experience. Tourists from all over the world visit India and love to savor the scrumptious lip-smacking Indian food and not only they love to eat but travelers also like to learn this cooking art.

With a great experience in the tourism industry, Heritage India holidays bring these amazing cooking classes in India. Through which you would be able to learn about the Indian culinary art. Right start from Kashmir’s Mughal biryani to Rajasthani rich dal batichoorma each and every delicacy has its own importance.

Through our specially designed itineraries you will be able to learn about the culinary art of lip-smacking delicacies of India.