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10 Best Rajwadi Delicacies of Rajasthan

10 Best Rajwadi Delicacies of Rajasthan

Rajasthan is a land where bravery flows in the blood and royalty flows in the veins, welcome to the land of kings and kingdoms, Rajasthan which literally means “Dwelling Land of Kings” is a perfect place to spend some time living the royal life of bygone Rajputi era. People from not only from the country but from across the world visits to India to enjoy Rajasthan Tourism.

From rich culture to plush and magnificent monuments to interesting heritage sites to exotic Rajwadi cuisines, one can enjoy every bit of their time while their stay in Rajasthan in some of the best hotels under their Rajasthan Tour Packages.

Known for their spicy taste, Rajasthan’s food culture is as vibrant as its culture and it can easily be seen in the food of Rajasthan. The spicy, the tangy the sweet and mouth-watering food of Rajasthan just adds value to your Rajasthan tours. Here we have brought to you the list of Best Rajwadi Delicacies of Rajasthan savoring which will be going to complete your scrumptious dishes.

  1. Laal Maas
  2. Ker Sangri
  3. Gatte Ki Khichdi
  4. Mohan Maas
  5. Bajre Ki Khichdi
  6. Ghevar
  7. Malpua
  8. Pyaz Ki Kachori
  9. Moong Ki Daal Ka Halwa
  10. Dal Bati Churma

1. Laal Maas

Laal Maas
Laal Maas in Rajasthan

Rajputs along with their bravery are also known for their love for non-vegetarian food, especially the Laal Maas. This is one of the recipes which have been an integral part of Rajasthani food and culture. This dish is cooked with the mutton of goat along with the exotic spices. The dish is cooked with red color and red chilies from which this food dish got its name “Laal Maas”. The gravy of tomatoes, chilies, and ginger garlic paste and garam masala will leave you watery eyes. Best served with Tandoori roti or bajra roti this will never leave disappointed.

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2. Ker Sangri

Ker Sangri
Ker Sangri in Rajasthan

Talking about the Rajasthani cuisines and discussing about Ker Sangri is just a thing you need right now. This amazing dish is cooked with the typical desert wild vegetables. Ker Sangri is one of the most favorite dishes of Rajasthan. This dish is cooked in the style of pickle which can be preserved for long time. This dish is found in a dried form can be store for a year. Spicy and tangy in taste Ker Sangri are first boiled then tempered with chillies, ajwain and asafoetida. Best served with Bajre Ki Roti, the dish is a part of Jodhpur’s food culture majorly.

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3. Gatte Ki Khichdi

Gatte Ki Khichdi
Gatte Ki Khichdi in Rajasthan

A rice dish, prepared with all Indian masalas, this is dish is undoubtedly one of the best rice dishes of Rajasthan. The rice is cooked with soft dumplings of besan which is it’s especially. The aroma arise from the exotic seasoning of coriander leafs will leave you spell-bounded.

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4. Mohan Maas

Mohan Maas
Mohan Maas in Rajasthan

It is another royal delicacy which is served the non-veg platter platter at its best. This is another meat dish, which is a best example of plush Rajasthani cuisine which is delicately cooked with meat-dish. This mutton is stuffed with various dry fruits and is cooked in milk and cream. The amazing garnishing of Mohan Maas with cardamom and cinnamon is just the thing to make it more lavish and amazing. Infused in the flavor of khus-khus and lemon this dish will bring out an amazing flavor to this dish.

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5. Bajre Ki Khichdi

Bajre Ki Khichdi
Bajre Ki Khichdi in Rajasthan

A true ethnic Rajasthani delicacy, prepared with small seeded species of cereal crops or grains, Bajre Ki Khichdi is an amazing option which is an excellent source of protein with other nutritionals such as folic, fiber and iron. This dish is majorly cooked in the village area but many households in urban area also love to cook this dish. Winter is the best time to cook and savor this dish. As it is an extremely helpful dish serving in cold for people with weak appetite. If you really wish to savor the real taste of Bajre ki Khichdi, you must have this with “lassan ki chutaney” and jaggery. Having this amazing dish during your tour packages of Rajasthan will be an unforgettable moment.

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6. Ghevar

Ghevar in Rajasthan

An authentic Rajasthani cuisine Ghevar is a must try dish. Majorly used in major Rajasthani events and festivals, Ghevar is an integral part of Rajasthani culture and traditions. This sweet and amazing dish is savored majorly in the festivals of Teej, Sinjara and other Regional festivals of Rajasthan. Traditionally associated with Rajasthan and its’ culture this sweet cake is made up with flour and soaked up in sugar syrup. The variety of ghevar such as plain ghevar, mawa and malai ghevar will successfully tantalize your taste buds. When you will be on your Cultural and Heritage walk of India, you can enjoy this dish at any Indian sweet shop of Rajasthan.

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7. Malpua

Malpua in Rajasthan

Here’s another sweet delicacy from the land of Rajwada, Malpua is an Indian pancake which is served as dessert or snack in Rajasthan. This delicious dish is quite famous among Rajasthanis. Prepared with flour, milk, khoya and added dry-fruits, Malpua is a treat for every foodie out there. If you are in India during the festival of Holi, then you will get a chance to savor this scrumptious juicy delicacy with lots of variety. The best combination of this dish is to eat it with hot milk with a thick layer of cream.

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8.  Pyaz Ki Kachori

Pyaz Ki Kachori
Pyaz Ki Kachori in Rajasthan

Kachori is an authentic Indian cuisine, people of India are crazy for this Indian snacks, but what Rajasthan has in its bag is something different from other states of India. Pyaz Ki Kachori in Rajasthan is one of the most favorite snack dish along with Mirchi Bada and Samosa. This amazing delicacy is prepared with the fillings of onions, potatoes and other spices which are mixed well and stuffed in the doe of Maida. Deep fried Pyaz ki Kachori is a major Sunday breakfast option for locals of Rajasthan. Even those who are here on their Rajasthan Holidays love to savor this scrumptious, stuffy crunchy dish. This puffy kachori is a sell out at every namkeen shop in Rajasthan.

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9. Moong Ki Daal Ka Halwa

Moong Ki Daal Ka Halwa
Moong Ki Daal Ka Halwa in Rajasthan

The rich, the nourishing and the delicious, Moong Dal Halwa is another sweet dish which is an important part of culture of Rajasthan. Majorly cooked in the time of winters this delicacy is a foremost and preferable sweet dish of Rajasthan that wins the menus for royal marriage ceremonies. Evident to its name this sweet dish is prepared with Moong ki Daal and is dipped in the dollop of ghee. People of Rajasthan love this dish totally. It is best savored in a hot form.

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10. Dal Bati Churma

Dal Bati Churma
Dal Bati Churma in Rajasthan

This renowned Rajasthani dish needs no introduction. Famous for its uniqueness and delicious taste, Dal Bati Churma is not only loved by the locals but is also listed among the favorite dish list of international travellers. This is one dish which is frequently cooked in almost all rural and urban areas of the state. Even many hotels are especially designed for serving this scrumptious Rajasthani delicacy. One of them is Chokhi Dhani, an ethnic village themed restaurant which is one of the best hotels in Jaipur. Famous for its crunchy batiss, daal with the hot seasoning of ghee and red chill, churma and tangy pickle this dish is a perfect delight for everyone.

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With these 10 most delicious foods of Rajasthan, we hope this must have left you watery mouth. So what are you waiting for, plan your Holidays in Rajasthan, book your stay in most amazing hotels and visit to this land of royalty. With the scrumptious delicacies, Rajasthan also has many other things which will leave you mesmerized, as they say “Jane Kya Dikh Jaye…..”

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