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5 Important Facts About Lotus Temple

5 Important Facts About Lotus Temple

The lotus temple is the world’s most beautiful religious building.  And what makes it so? Well, the unique architecture of lotus petal is visible to everybody but we feel, the beauty of this religious building lies in the fact that people of any religion can come to worship here. It is so unlike the church, temple or mosque which divides God on the basis of religion.

More interesting facts about the lotus temple are:

1. About the architect

The lotus temple was designed by an Iranian architect, Fariborz Sahba. He has won several international awards for this brilliant piece of work. Some of them are from the Institution of Structural Engineers, the GlobalArt academy, etc. The temple also gained recognition in reputed publications like Guinness World Record, and Encyclopaedia Britannia. If you are an avid stamp collector, you must have seen the stamps of the Lotus temple. Even musical compositions are created to showcase its grandeur and beauty.

2. About the architecture

The total area of the lotus temple place is 26 acres. It got completed in the year 1986 after hard work of 800  engineers, technicians and artisans who continuously slogged for 10 years. It is formed by 27 marble petals arranged in groups of three. It is said that 10,000 different sizes of marble are used to make this structure. The temple has 9 doors, all of them lead to the central prayer hall which has a capacity of accommodating 2500 people at a time. The hall is 40 meters high and shines in white marble from inside. Fariborz Sahba constructed the temple in the shape of lotus because the flower is common in many religions including Hinduism and Buddhism.

3. About the faith

Following the Bahai belief that stresses the oneness of God, the oneness of religion and oneness of mankind, the temple is indeed a place of God. You will be surprised to know that no idol is worshipped here, no ritualistic ceremonies are performed here and nor can anyone deliver sermons here. The temple welcomes people of every religion who can chant or read the scriptures of Bahai or other faith in any language. Also, no musical instruments are allowed to be played inside.

4. One of the seven centers

Across the globe, there are only seven houses of worship that follow the Bahai religion. One is in Delhi, other six are in Frankfurt in Germany, Kampala in Uganda, Sydney in Australia, Panama City in Panama, Wilmette in USA and Apia in Western Samoa.

5. No. of visitors

On average, 4 million people visit this temple every year. This sumps up to 10,000 visitors daily. People across the globe come here for peace, meditation, prayers, and study.

The interesting facts of lotus temple sum up here. Still, if there is anything you want to know more about it then in that case, you have to plan a Delhi Tour or can visit this temple in your Golden triangle tour package. In the temple, you can visit the information center which houses a lot of details about Bahai faith. There is also an audio-visual room and library for readers or tourists who are too curious to know about the temple and the faith which pulls people here.

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