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Get the right travel authorization for Canada

Get the right travel authorization for Canada

What is a Canadian eTA?

An eTA proves a foreign nations eligibility to travel to Canada and is an official document. While it serves almost the same objective as a visa, the technique of getting one is much different from that for obtaining a visa. Applying for a standard visa is pretty often a hard process, but one an eTA application is filed through, one can find out their acceptability for travelling to Canada within minutes.

Who needs an eTa Canada?

An eTA is not necessary for all foreign countries who decide to travel to Canada. Only those who are visiting form Visa exempt nations such as certain European nations, as well as those from New Zealand, Australia, and India will be affected by the new process. Any foreign country whose home country is not added in any visa waiver agreements with Canada will need to go through the same travel screening procedure as before.

How to apply for a Canadian eTA?

As the full eTA process, from application all the way to getting authorization, is web based, filling for one is relatively easy. Any visa exempt travelers will need to access the CIC (Citizen and Immigration Canada) site and submit their physical details such as date of birth and name. they may also need to supply the fingerprints so should be sure to use a PC that has a biometric scanner. Once the individual has been cleared for travel, the site will release the eTA which need to be printed out and handed to the right immigration details before departing for Canada from India.

Differences between a Canadian visa and Canadian eTA

An eTA Canada is not the same thing as a Canadian visa. A visa is a physical verification, such as sticker or a stamp that is located in your passport so that you are permitted to enter a foreign country. Generally, you either request an advance visa from an embassy or get one at the border. Both need time filling out paperwork and approval from an immigration officer. Canada needs citizens of many nations to get visas to enter Canada.

On the other hand, an eTa is a bit simpler. If Canada does not need a visa from citizens of your country, then you will likely to get an eTA. There is a exception for American citizens, who just need to bring passports to the border in order to enter Canada. Anyway, legal residents for the U.S. who are not citizens still need to obtain an eTA.

A Canadian eTA is simpler and faster to apply than a Canadian visa is. An eTA is automatic rather than physical, and it is mechanically linked to your passport once your application is verified. The most general Canadian visas are the one-use visa and the multiple-use visa. Most people get a multiple-use via that permits the recipient to visit Canada for up to 6 months at a time for a 10-year period, or until the passport expires. An eTA remains in effect for 5 years. Anyway, if you get a new passport, you will have to obtain a new eTA, since an eTA is attached to your passport.


Now that you know the differences between a Canadian Visa and a Canadian eTA, all you need to do is figure out what one you are qualified for. You can view list of countries that are eligible for an online Canadian eTA online. Although both the eTA and the visa have advantages and disadvantages, the best news is that both provides amazing travel opportunities, and neither have a particular gruelling application procedure. Good luck on your application and good luck for a enjoyable trip in Canada.

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