5 Best Historical Places In Kolkata

5 Best Historical Places In Kolkata
There are cities in our country which are culturally rich then there are cities which are the synonym of extravagant life, then there are cities that are famous as corporate hub. But there is one city in India that is a perfect blend of all these things and the name of the city is Kolkata – The City of Joy.
Kolkata is boasted with rich history that makes this place filled with many such enticing sculpture and monuments which are witnessing the glorious past of the city. All these things hold a prominent part in Kolkata tourism. Here we are discussing about the best historical places in Kolkata which you might love to visit during your holidays.
  • Victoria Memorial
  • Dakshineswar Kali Temple
  • Marble Palace
  • Indian Museum
  • Fort William
An amazing and enchanting place in Kolkata which will take you back to the bygone Royal era of the British, Victoria Memorial is a pearly white building situated amidst the lush green landscape that welcomes its guests with all open arms. The place was built in year 1902 by British Viceroy Lord Curzon in the memory of Queen Victoria after her death. Victoria Memorial is a perfect blend of Mughal and English architecture which would be spectacular to watch. The place is compact with classic painting collection, coins, maps, weapons and other items.
The temple of Goddess Kali with its glorious past enchants every traveller with its beauty and charm. The temple was constructed by Queen Rasmoni in year 1847. The presence of Hooghly River near the temple makes its more fascinating. Dakshineswar Kali Temple with its prominent architecture holds a prominent place in temple tours in India. The sanctum of the temple is having the idol of Goddess Bhavatarini who is believed to be the reincarnation of Goddess Kali. Devotees who visit this temple believe that visiting this temple will make them free from all their sorrows and problems. This is merely not a temple but also a place who witness a great spiritual revolution in 19th century.

3. Marble Palace

Marble Palace is another attraction which is listed among the Kolkata historical monuments which was built in 1835 AD. The architecture of the building is showcasing the high class taste of Bengal. Though the monument is situated in the congested part of the city still it throws the same charm as art form of Italy. The architecture of the palace is compact with grand pillars, wide courtyards and artistic architecture which tell you a lot about the aristocracy culture of Bengal. Today this place is serving as the residence of the heirs of the royal family. Travellers on Kolkata tours will love watching the idols of Buddha, Christ, Virgin Mary and numerous other Hindu Gods.

4. Indian Museum

An amazing place with the amazing collection from past that makes it live even still today after thousands of years. Indian Museum in Kolkata was established as the Asiatic society in Kolkata in 1784 with a view to promote the culture and art. Museum came into existence in 1808 and gradually become the museum. This is the biggest museum in India and it contains 6 sections such as Zoology, Industry, Geology, Archeology, Anthropology and Art. For giving you the detail information, museum houses with over 60 galleries.

5. Fort William

Featuring as one of the oldest and historical tombs in Kolkata, the fort will take you back to the era of 7th century of Kolkata. The place also plays a vital role in the cultural and heritage walk in India. Built in 1696 by East India Company, Fort William has two forts the old fort and the new fort. The architecture of the building is built in a unique style of geometric design. It has 6 gates. Travellers will love enjoying the church, cinema, boxing stadium, market and football ground which is located in the premises of the swimming pool.
Here is the list of some other historical places in India which you might consider visiting on your next Kolkata holidays –
Howrah Bridge – One of the oldest Indian bridges that caters around 100000 vehicles and uncountable pedestrians.
Birla Mandir – Finest example of Indian architectural design which is wholly built with pearly white marble.
South Park Cemetery – Famous as one of the haunted places in Kolkata, the cemetery was built to accommodate British soldiers.
Writers Building – Once served as junior servant building during British era that was called writers at that time hence the building got its name writers building. Today it is secretariat of West Bengal.
St. Paul’s Cathedral – An amazing place which was destroyed twice and then rebuilt is the finest example Indo-Gothic architectural style.

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