Jaipur Yoga Class

Duration : 1 Day
Destination Covered : Jaipur

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TOUR Highlight :
  • The Great and Amazing Feeling
  • Learning Scientific Aspect of Yoga
  • Combining the Mind Body and Soul

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Day 1 – Jaipur Yoga Classes

Yoga these days have become an essential part of our daily life. Being health conscious, people now a days preferring doing yoga then going to gym and spend thousands of bucks on the machine. Not only people in India but from abroad also loves to do yoga and learn about its magic and health benefits.

Its Yoga’s popularity that we have brought to you this itinerary of Jaipur Yoga Classes being a part of which you will get all great feelings. The tour will start with your arrival at Jaipur and then in the morning or in evening according to your preference you will be taken to Yoga classes. You will arrive at Yoga centre and then you will get a chance to meet the yoga experts who will tell you every know-how about the session. The yoga session would be personalized and will be taken care of every aspect. The yoga session would run for approximately 1 hour under which you will get to experience soothing aura.

The yoga tour of Jaipur includes Basic course which includes essential yoga postures. The yoga course includes Breathing exercises which is called Pranayam, you will perform Aasanas the different yoga postures and also the general meditation lessons which you can perform in the daily life also for the healthy living.


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