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What To Eat When You Are In India?

What To Eat When You Are In India?

Indian cuisine is famous all over the world. It is not about one staple cereal, flavor or cooking method but the cuisine is known for its large assortment of dishes. Every ruler who ruled the country has left his impression in the form of monuments and food here. The cooking methods differ from region to region and so are the special dishes. Few categories in which Indian food can be best explained are: 

1. North Indian food

Starting from the top, Kashmiri cuisine shows strong Central Asian influences. The cuisine mainly comprises of dishes made of rice as rice is abundantly grown in the beautiful valleys of Kashmir. Along with rice, a tasty green leafy vegetable known as Hak is also prepared.

Coming to Punjab, Haryana and Uttar Pradesh, the people here prefer to eat chapattis. These chapattis can be made of any flours such as maida, besan, and wheat. Along with the chapattis, spicy vegetables made in gravy and a glass of lassi fulfills the heart and stomach of people of this region.

In Delhi, you will find a lot of scrumptious tandoori preparations. The cooking culture here has been influenced by Mughals to a great extent.

2. West Indian food

In this category, we mainly include Rajasthani and Gujarati food. The Rajasthani food is a little spicier whereas the Gujarati food is sweeter. The famous Rajasthani dish is daal-baati and churma. It is a complete meal where churma is served as dessert. The Gujarati dishes include dhokla, khakhra, khamni, and other such high tea varieties.

If we talk about Mumbai and Goa too in this section then the food in Mumbai is especially a mix of both northern and southern cooking styles. People eat rice and wheat with the same interest. Of course, being a coastline city, a variety of yummy fish dishes are available here. The must-try is Bombay Prawn and Pomfret. The city is also perfect in delicious gastronomical preparations.

Goan food has some Portuguese influence on it. The taste here is usually a combination of sweet and sour. When in Goa, do try Duck Bafaad, Vindaloo, and egg molie. Ah, do also order a bottle of Goan wine for yourself.

3. East Indian food

The Bengali and Assamese food flavors are known from this region. Bengalis love eating rice and fish. The special way of preparing this delicacy is by wrapping it in pumpkin leaf and then cooking it. This cooking style is known as Hisla. The sweets of Bengal region are also very popular. Do order for Roshogolla, Sandesh, and cham-cham. They are delightfully satisfying.

4. South Indian food

South Indian food is distinguished with its great use of coconut and spices. Each state in this region has its secret ingredients to make food finger-licking, for example, in Tamil Nadu, tamarind is frequently used to make food zesty. In Andhra Pradesh, the use of chilies is prominent. When in Kerala, do the order for vegetarian platters like Idli, Dosa, appam, pottu, and Sadya. The range of non-vegetarian dishes here also guarantees you a joyride with their sweet and spicy flavors.

Last but not the least, throughout the country, a very refreshing beverage, masala chai is served. It is made with a combination of ginger, cinnamon, clove, tea powder, sugar, and milk. The beverage is very aromatic and has numerous health benefits too. Along with tea, you can also try some kachori and samosa; these are a fried delicacy and are specially prepared in India.

India is a paradise on earth for people who love food. Every corner has its famous delicacy and the options of eating are endless here. The best part of Indian food is the generous use of spices in it. They indeed make food flavorsome but beyond that, they also give medicinal benefits.

For example:

Clove: have anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties

Cinnamon: Relieve you from indigestion

Turmeric: potent antioxidant

Black pepper: Lowers cholesterol levels

Red chili powder: supports the immune system

The benefits are many more but to sum it all up, we will only suggest that do try something or else wherever you choose to go on India Tour. Eating food in this country is an experience in itself.

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